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The Born at Sea Collection is an international publication focused on providing a platform for inexperienced and experienced contributors alike to showcase their work. We focus on themes of isolation, redemption, growth, and determination, but we encourage all genres and topics. We publish quarterly with the hopes to provide a larger platform to our contributors and more content for our readers

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Letter from the Editor

In times of hardship, I’ve always turned to stories to guide my way out of the dark and back to solid ground. My love of them comes from listening to my grandfather tell his own as I stared out at the lake in Northern Michigan. His deep baritone voice filled the air as a grin stretched across his face. I went on to spend my summers locked in my bedroom, reading books from my local library, only to finish them the same and dream about them later that night. 

As time has passed, I’ve learned to articulate what it means to be in love with stories and the creatures that inhabit them, human or otherwise. But it’s one thing to write stories of your own, and another to want to share them with the world. With this in mind, I made the Born at Sea Collective, with the assistance of two of my closest companions, to provide a platform for new and experienced creatives with the hope of building an independent literary magazine focused on personal growth, community engagement, and the stories we tell in the dark, similar to the ones told to me by my grandfather and the ones I now share with those I call friends.

And so, I hope you consider the Born at Sea Collective as a place to house your work and foster your love of stories and those who tell them in these times of uncertainty and confusion.


Join us today.


Happy Writing,

Michael Hendricks

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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