Meet The Team

Michael Hendricks


Prose Editor

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Michael Hendricks is an author/editor located in West Michigan. They recently received a BA in Creative Writing from Western Michigan University and is the founder of the Born at Sea Collective.  Michael has also volunteered as a prose editor at Butcher Papers in the past. As for their writing, their essay, Ramblings of a Ghost, has been featured in Rhythm & Bones Press. When they aren't on twitter, they can be found writing their first novel and other projects over a cup of warm coffee. They can be reached for business inquiries on Twitter or at

Natalie Bradford

Visual Arts Editor

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Natalie Bradford is an artist from Detroit, Michigan that currently attends the University of Western Michigan Frostic School of Art. During her time at Western Michigan University, she spends her time studying fine studio art with an emphasis in print media. While at school, Natalie has explored the medium of printmaking and other alternative forms of mark-making such as drawing, painting, and collage. She is interested in exploring memory, temporality, and the passage of time as shown in her prints. In addition, she explores life, death, and the future in her intricate pen drawings. She currently lives and works in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

Links to her website, Etsy shop, and Instagram can be found here.

Paige Clare Johnson

Poetry & Playwriting Editor

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Paige Clare is an artist from West Michigan. She previously attended Western Michigan University for Creative Writing. Her focus was in poetry and playwriting. From the young age of six, Paige has taken center stage as an actress ranging from shows on Shakespeare, Kaufman, Simon, and plenty more. However, for the past four years, she has taken a step behind the scenes to write the words she used to present. She has previously been published in Display Magazine with her poems "Evolve Her" and "Empty Touch". Paige has delved into many different mediums of art, including modeling and photography.

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